Communicate – Final Video


Communicate – Prototyping

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For the mini prototype I used a small fridge climbing wind-up robot as the basis and use a metal sheet to test it. For the larger model I purchased a programmable robotics kit, and made a light frame. I wanted to show the function rather than aesthetics of the design since I feel that the cad model already shows the function well. Unfortunately even after downloading the robotics program at it doesn’t seem to be transferring and isn’t functioning. Very disappointed 😦 !

Evaluate – Matrix Selection


From the feedback I received I found that each concept had its merits, and I could not determine a clear winner, so I decided to do a matrix chart to help in my selection. The result wast that the robot came out as most preferable, and  I did find that I had a preference for that idea quite early on simply because of the level of convenience it would offer to the user, and the sense of luxury of not having to do the cleaning yourself. While the idea for the robot itself is fine, it did need further improvements, first is that using a magnetic system really limits the applications for it, secondly it was not equipped with any means to navigate around corners, third is nutting out how it would be powered. If I can resolve these issues, I felt that there would be a lot more confidence in the robot idea as a product, since the idea of a robot sounds rather advanced, and can seem intimidatingly technical.