Generate – Opportunity Statement Formation

From the POV Statements, I found several insights with a repeated theme. Hygiene and cleaning was a topic that came up for all users, and even appearance of hygiene alone can affect user experience. While everyone wants a spotless bathroom, it does not come free. Routine cleaning is needed to maintain cleanliness, which is a negative but necessary nuisance to users.

Here are some POV statements that are directly related to hygiene and cleaning:

  • A flatter needs a bathroom space that is easy to clean because a bathroom with high traffic needs frequent cleaning and negatively effects on hygiene and mood of all users.
  • A mother needs the bathroom to look and feel clean and because an unhygienic bathroom is a hazard to the health of her family.
  • A mother needs a bathroom that is easy to clean because for her cleaning is a chore that is allocated to her by other users and seen as a hindrance.
  • A mother needs a healthier and easier method of cleaning because harsh chemicals that cannot be mixed are often stored in the bathroom, and pose a hazard to health.
  • A image-conscious person needs a an easy way to clean because the mix of products used in bathrooms can often create cleaning challenges.
  • People with limited mobility need a bathroom that is easily cleaned because limited reach can make cleaning difficult, especially in small spaces.


I then took those statements and used them as a basis for forming an Opportunity Statement with an insight that combines the best aspects of the POV statements above.


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