Investigate – Insights

From the needs generated, I then move onto making insights. This is one of my favourite parts in the design process, because even if we are working on the same briefs, Insights is the point where we start to differentiate from each other. It’s always interesting to see how much our insights and then the following POV and Opportunity statements can differ. So here are mine:

  • People want the bathroom to be their private space (personal belonging, don’t want to share).
  • Cold water temperature fluctuates with weather and season.
  • Sensory effects, especially warmth, has a greater effect on mood.
  • Perception of warmth is affected by relative humidity.
  • Small spaces, such as corners, angles and gaps makes cleaning more difficult.
  • Wasted water may be usable in another way (energy/heat/cleaning).
  • Materials in bathroom chosen often chosen to look clean yet bathroom still often not considered a clean space.
  • Bathroom space is used to store bathroom objects, even ones not for immediate use.
  • Safety and accident prevention is particularity important when users include children or elderly.
  • People lose track of time in the bathroom, while it may help with relaxation, it may cause stress after.
  • Shower users usually alternate to take turns showering alone, so each time users enter bathroom they me need to reconfigure own settings.
  • Cleaning usually separate ritual from general bathroom use, and seen as a hindrance.
  • Different products are often needed for different cleaning tasks, often chemical cleaners are chosen due to ease of use and perception of cleanliness.
  • For many users especially females, vanity use and beauty rituals take up the more time than other bathroom uses.
  • Users can feel conflicted over desire to relax, but stressed over time limitations.
  • The bathroom is a private space often used for self-evaluation of image and self assessment of health.

I think the hardest part of insights is knowing when to stop and move forward, since I always feel like there are more that I have missed, I tend to want to stay at this stage longer than I should.


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