Investigate – Empathy Map

The next step from Personas is to do an Empathy Map. We use the Empathy Map to write down what our personas would say, do, think and feel during their bathroom rituals. It helps us to identify the needs of each user and discover insights as we go.

Here are the 3 Empathy Maps I did for my three personas: Jack Thompson, Annabell Matthews, and Keiko Aoki.

Empathy Map AEmpathy Map B

Empathy Map C

While I think empathy maps are useful, I feel that they lack the element of time. Since people tend to think, say, do and feel different things during different phases of their tasks, I think that the Empathy Map could be improved on. For example, Annabell may feel stressed before her bath/shower ritual, relaxed as she is enjoying her bath/shower, but stressed again when she has to clean. I think identifying the critical points that effect the customer’s experience is just as important, yet the empathy map does neglect it a bit.


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