Investigate – Personas

Some of the Methven gorup of peers thought it might be beneficial to do some of the groundwork together, so we went through the Initiate phase together, and started doing personas as a group. Since we would have a lot of overlap and it would give us all a broader and stronger foundation of research to back our later insights and designs on I thought it was a great idea too.

Unfortunately it didn’t work as well as I hoped. While I usually enjoy working collaboratively, the dynamic of this group just didn’t feel right. Maybe because it’s an individual project, I felt that members were less willing to share and I felt that really affected the results, making the whole exercise a bit of a waste.

Persona 3
Sportsman Male 22
Nz Eurorean
Highly Mobile, Functional, Strong
Competitive, Outgoing, Social
Young sportsman spends both morning and evening working out, returning showers afterwards. Needs both relaxation and practicality in order to appreciate the shower. At this age has the want as well as need to be clean.

Exhaustion from training – frustration
Fast paced,life style

We came up with 6 personas, and this was an example of one of the better personas we came up with as a group. While a sports-person is a great idea for a persona, this persona was too shallow, it didn’t sound like a real person at all. I end up asking all kinds of questions: What exact sports did he do? Where did he shower? Why?

In the end, I decided to create 3 personas of my own. Some based on the 6 group personas, but adding a lot more detail and context to make the person seem real to me. So below are the three I came up with.

Jack Thompson

Sex: Male

Age: 22
Type: Athletic. Gyms 5 days a week and plays basketball
Ethnicity: Nz Caucasian
Location: Takapuna
Physical: Tall, athletic, and agile. Short Hair.
Personality: Competitive, Outgoing, Social

  Jack studies at uni under a Bachelor of Sports and Recreation degree At the AUT Akoranga campus. He always goes for a run in the morning, and usually only has time for a quick shower and grab a piece of toast before heading to uni. After his classes he likes to go to the university gym to train until 6:30pm, but prefers to go home to shower. Jack also plays basketball for his uni team on the weekends.

  Jack flats in Takapuna with 3 flatmates, who share a single bathroom. Cleaning duties are shared, and while Jack thinks that the bathroom should only need a good clean once a week, Elaina, one of his flatmates, like the bathroom to be cleaned every second day so they often need to compromise. Jack mostly just uses the shower to clean after exercise, but does find it relaxing, and sometimes alternates from a cold shower to a hot one, or runs the bath to help relax his muscles after a particularly hard day’s training.

Annabell Matthews

Sex: Female

Age: 42
Type: Busy Mother of two
Ethnicity: Nz Caucasian
Location: Mt Eden
Physical: Average height and healthy weight. Long wavy hair.
Personality: Nurturing and mild-mannered, but easily stressed, and a little self conscious.

  Annabell is a full-time mother, who also works part-time running hobby/craft classes at her local club. On the average weekday, she wakes up early, goes through her make-up routine, and helps her children and husband get ready for their day. Since they have 2 bathrooms, one for the children, one she shares with her husband, there usually isn’t an issue.

  After school,Andy, her 12 year old son plays soccer practise 3 times a week, and Julie, Annabell’s 6 year old just started attending ballet classes twice a week. They usually need to shower after soccer/ballet. Andy is old enough to manage on his own, but often leaves his dirty clothes on the floor. Julie is not tall enough to manage on her own, and Annabell has to help her wash her hair.

  After the children shower, they would have dinner. After cleaning up and sending the children to bed, she finally gets her turn to shower. For her, showering lets her relax after a long busy day, she tends to take her time (up to an 1.5 hours each nigh), washing her hair, drying her hair, and going through her nightly beauty routine before going to bed. She takes extra care of her skin, as she feels more and more self conscious as she grown older. Two bathrooms also means more cleaning for Annablell, which she does on the weekend.

Keiko Aoki

Sex: Female

Age: 68
Type: Elder
Ethnicity: Japanese
Location: Greenlane
Physical: Short, healthy but bad eyesight and not flexible or agile.
Personality: Calm, patient, methodical

 Keiko lives with her son and his wife, but is independent and healthy enough to care for herself. She moved to New Zealand 30 years ago, speaks conversational English, and is well-adjusted to life in New Zealand. She’s set in her routines, and tends to visit the same places every day. In good weather, she likes to go to the park for a stroll before returning home at lunch time. After lunch she usually stays at home to tend to the garden as her hobby.

   As she enjoys cooking, she usually prepares dinner for her son and daughter-in-law, and waits till after dinner for her shower. For Keiko, the greatest difficulty is the deteriorating mobility that comes with age. Not only is the shower space small, but slippery when wet. Communal baths, were once a tradition in Japan, and household bathrooms tended to mirror that set-up with stools for a seated shower experience. When she was growing up in Japan, one bath would be filled for the whole family to take turns to use, each would shower and clean their bodies first, sometimes even helping each other to scrub backs, before taking a dip in the bath to relax. Now that she’s no longer as mobile or flexible enough to reach and clean her back, Keiko has a new appreciation for the rituals she used to have back home.


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