The New Brief

For the second half of this semester,, we have an individual as our second project. We had 4 different choices for a brief:
1. Bed boards for Hospitals.
2. Bathroomware/tapware for Methven.
3. Window latch for Blender
4. Eco coffin for Return to Sender
Each brief would have 5-6 students designing for real clients. I choose the Methven brief.

I chose the Methven brief because i felt that it is most personally relevant to me. For one thing, I’ve had past experience working in a bathroomware retail showroom. Which gives me unique experiences that may give me an extra edge. Not only have I had the opportunity to sell tapware from a retailer point of view, I was the first point of contact for retail shoppers, as well as plumbers who fitted tapware. Secondly I felt that being female would be another advantage. Females are often the customer that Methven focuses on in their designs, as we tend to have much more elaborate rituals surrounding bathroom use. So I felt that Methven would be the best fit for me.

My goal with this project is to use the tools and methods I learnt through our last project, to come up with a design solution based on strong insights to answer our users needs in a innovative and effective way.


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