Our final consists of 2 main parts and the shelter as a supporting element. The floor component is for the most basic bus stops, the ones without a shelter or seat. Used alone it serves as a visual guide for patrons to queue. With the seat, they create a gentle barrier to prevent the majority of queue-cutting while also providing comfort.

While only a limited number will queue at the start, patrons chose to do so of their own accord as it places them closer to the boarding area. Our designs do not force patrons to queue while waiting, but queuing comes into effect once the bus is in visible sight – seated patrons closest to the door are now able to board first, other patrons follow the floor guides to queue with only a small number who might disregard the guides cutting in. We believe this design achieves our goal to guide international patrons by creating a local queuing culture that is intuitive for all patrons, while doing it in a gentle way.


– Clear visual guide.

– Colour chosen for its visibility and link to bus stop.

– Linear for easy installation and adaptable shape.

– Pointed circle serves as initial focal point to guide the eye.

– Granulated rubber.

– Low cost.

– Easy installation.

– Nice texture and grip.

– Good colour.

– Made from recycled materials.

– Angled for better view for bus for all patrons.


– Serves as gentle barrier between the seat and pole. (Reduces the number of patrons who cut in)

– Only 2 different pieces to reduce need for many moulds.

– Seats an extra person in the same amount of space.

– Angled for better line of sight of bus.

– Concrete base for strength, aesthetic and low-cost.

– Wooden top for comfort, familiarity and contrast with concrete.

– Modular to allow for different bus stop capacity and shapes.

Shelter (Supporting Element)

– Show how a shelter can work with the other 2 levels.

– Gradient of coverage, those who arrived first gets the best comfort (seat and shelter).

– Opportunity for funding through advertisement.


The result is a modular installation with 3 levels of service. It is easy to install, and can be easily adapted to fit many situations and needs:



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