Field Testing


We chose to do our field at a Mt Eden bus stop as Ben had previously done observations on this stop so that we would have a baseline for compassion, additionally it is a stop that has heavy rush hour patronage so it would give us a good sample size of patrons for our observation. We set up at 6:30am and observed patrons through till 8:30. We then gathered as a group to summarize our findings:

Field Test Observations


I think this is one of my favorite evaluation methods as it gives us a real observable effect on our design causing practical behavior changes, and that speaks a lot louder than any written theories will do on its own. The biggest downside I see is that such types of testing can be hard to do right. If patrons know they’re being observed, it would almost definitely change their behavior, if they don’t know they’re being observed, it goes a bit against ethics to observe without their knowledge. While as students, people tend to be more forgiving of minor intrusions and forgive minor over stepping, but may not be an option once we are in our professional lives.


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