Presentation Reflection

Gosh it’s good to get the presentation over with! I was quite pleased with how we did.

Overall I felt that the feedback was good but our clients seemed divided in their ideas. It seemed that some one did not agree with the idea of queuing, while another thought educating patrons on how to use public transport well was a great idea. Another seemingly conflicting opinion was that one liked the idea of moving the bus stop near the kerb, while another seemed to suggest that there are many legal constraints on what distance objects have to be from the kerb. Moving forward, I think we will have to tease the critique apart. Was it that one of our clients didn’t like the idea of queuing at all or more that our approach was too harsh? If it is our approach, then how can we soften it? Overall I’m feeling optimistic, and I think asking the right questions will really help us to take the next step moving forward.


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