Concept Generation

After initially feeling a bit stuck in our sketching and prototyping, lego helped us to get back on track by giving us a fun but quick and productive way to nut our ideas together. From there we found it actually easier to break our concepts into 3 different levels, the shelter, the perch, and the floor markings. Originally, we all would share the 3 levels but found that members of our group seemed to worked best when given separate task so that each of us could focus on one concept area rather than taking all 3 on at once.

This was the step we had most trouble with, but overcoming that has made me realize that good group work doesn’t necessarily mean dividing up all tasks equally, but to take our separate concept generations paths and regularly updating each other on our favorite ideas for feed back worked a lot better than sharing and making every little decision as a group, especially during the generation phase when we can take the most liberty with all our ideas.

Concept Generation


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