Opportunity Statement Reflection

I think opportunity statements are great for narrowing and focusing the brief to a particular set of patrons or persona, it does help to keep you focused and to keep your goals in mind, but I feel a little uncertain about focusing on 1 set of users so early on, when the patrons that use the bus stops are so very varied. I also feel that the structure is a little odd, because first you state what you want to do, then the user, their need, followed by your insight. But since what we want to do, is to fulfill the user’s need, it seems a little circular. While I think the first statement can be broad eg. “Improve the experience” to avoid repeating ourselves, but it feels a bit redundant to do so.

I think I would prefer the structure:
What we want to do to fulfill the need, of user, because of insight.

Says the same thing, but puts your goal first and foremost and removes the need for redundant information.


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