Interview 2 – Nicole

1a) How often do you take the bus?

5 days a week.

1b) What do you usually take the bus for (ie. a task)?
To work, if I take it on the weekend it’s for shopping and errands.

2) do you usually take the same buses?

3a) If you had to take a new bus elsewhere, how would you go about finding the information?
I would go online to max website, and look at the timetables.

3b) If you weren’t able to go online how would you go about finding the information?
I don’t know actually. You can always call them I guess? But I never had to do that so.. I’d probably call the helpline.

3c) Are you usually confident about finding your way with buses?
I am, because I’ve been catching buses for quite a few years so I pretty-much know what goes where, and where to catch it from. I probably wouldn’t NEED to call the helpline, but if it came down to it, i would.

4) Do you like to have social interaction at the bus stop?
I prefer to not talk to people. Mainly because I either catch the bus in the morning or in the evening, and either side, I’m tired and don’t really want to be talking to people.

5a) Do you usually feel safe and comfortable at the bus stop?
Yes, 9 times out of 10 I do.

5b) Are there some stops that stand out as being kinda dodgy?
If it’s dark around Symonds Street area, then yea I’d want to get on the bus as soon as possible. There are certain areas, like I wouldn’t catch a bus in town, at night on my own probably.

6) Are there any services you’d like to see at the bus stop that aren’t currently being provided?
No I don’t think so, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m used to what’s there or not. I can’t think of anything.

7a) What’s the most memorable positive experience that you have had with public transport (buses in particular)?
There are certain drivers who are really nice, and you’re always glad to see them, cause they know you, and they’re friendly. I can think of one (haha I don’t know if it would matter) an occasion where the bus driver was giving out some kind of chocolate bar or sweet to every passenger and i can’t remember what that was for. That was pretty memorable!

7b) What about while waiting for the bus?
I got offered a job once? But nothing bus related.

8a) What’s the most memorable negative experience that you have had with public transport (buses in particular)?
You get, on occasion, people who are smoking things they shouldn’t be – in the back of the bus. You get really crazy bus drivers, who make you want to get off as soon as possible, because they are driving really erratically. That’s pretty bad.

8b) What about while waiting for the bus?
None other than waiting too long, or having weird druggy people trying to talk to you on Symonds Street. Creepy!

9a) If you could, what would you like to have done differently?
I would like to have more buses, that run on time. Possible more stops, or better bus routes, more convenient places. [Are some a bit far away?] Yea, so if I want to go to the doctors for example, it’s 10 minutes drive down the road, I have to walk about 20 minutes, and catch one or 2 buses, there aren’t any direct routes that link up.

9b) but do you mind changing buses?
I don’t mind so long as they’re closely timed together. It’s just the waiting in between that can be annoying and it happens quite often.

10a) Any other opinions you’d like to add?
Currently, it annoys me how at the end of of the certain bus route that I’m on, half of it is full of school bus. I think they should possibly, well not made to, but they have their own school bus, that’s the thing, half of them decide to take the public bus cause the other bus gets too full but that’s annoying for the general public because half the bus is full of schoolboys cause they’re loud and smelly.

10b) Do they prevent other passengers from getting on?
You can get on, but It’s just mainly the fact that they’re very loud and don’t consider the general public. They’re just in their own little group.


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