Name: Agatha Stone

Age: 79

Impairment: Poor sight

Lives: Blockhouse Bay

Agatha is a 79 year old widow with poor sight, she cant drive anymore, therefore she catches the bus, which is free as she has a gold card. She has a hard time reading the timetables and hates how uncomfortable the bus seats are so she often stands. The bus stop she goes to is highly exposed to the elements and the timetable is very hard to read after such elemental exposure.

Agatha often has to read pamphlet timetables at home before departing as she uses a magnify glass to view the times. She has to use a ruler to underline the times as they are not in proper grid format for easy use, this strains Agathas already poor eyesight. When she goes to her stop she feels exposed, and very unsafe when its dark. She doesnt like looking at the timetable board as she finds it difficult to read and not very reliable.

Name: Jennifer Taylor

Age: 32

Lives: Remuera

2 Children: Connor age 6, Abby age 1

She is a housewife, who has a shared car with her husband
And they are currently saving to pay off mortgage
Often buses when husband needs car for work on weekdays, and when taking children to play dates, or to run errands (eg. groceries) at the Remuera or Newmarket shops.
Abby travels in a stroller, and cries easily, Connor doesn’t like to sit still
Jennifer is usually tired/strained from chasing after her kids

She usually takes the bus from the uncovered bus stop (near her house) which only has a bench and a timetable, down to the Remuera shops, and from there takes a connecting bus to Newmarket if she needs to go further. The stops at these shopping hubs have shelter provided by the shops, bins, and usually a little seating.


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